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 1Q: What is your usual sampling time and cost?
Answer: Sampling time: 3 days. Sample fee: free samples, you only need to pay for sample shipping.
2Q: How do you ensure quality?
Answer: Strict raw material inspection procedures, online inspection, finished product inspection, CQI 
inspection. All processes
are strictly controlled in accordance with the HACCP plan.
3Q: How many masks do you have?
Answer :
N95 face mask
Disposable non-woven mask
Folding protective mask
Butterfly-shaped protective mask
Cup-shaped protective mask
Fish-shaped protective mask
* Duckbill respiratory protective mask
Printed protective mask
* Dust-proof / gas-proof breathing mask
* Dustproof sponge mask
Cute face masks for children
4Q: What is your MOQ?
Answer: We have no MOQ and welcome any quantity. We provide our customers with comprehensive support.
5Q: Do you have your own brand and can you provide OEM services?
Answer: Yes. OEM also available

6Q:What are your payment terms?    
A: All payments should be made in US dollars, unless specified in the quotation sent to you. For the convenience of our buyers, we offer two different payments terms: Full advance payments and Part Payments in advance.


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