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Protective Gear Enters The Management System Of Safety Prote

Strictly put in storage, release and exchange procedures. After the goods are purchased, the safety and environmental protection department, Protective gear the procurement department,Protective gear the warehouse management department,Protective gear the workshops used, and the staff representatives shall carry out the inspection and acceptance according to the quality standards of the safety protection products. Check in. After the safety protection products are put into the warehouse, the safety and security department will take them out and store them in the special warehouse of the safety and security department. When distributing items, the user department shall go to the Anhuan Department according to the reported plan to handle the "Safety Protective Equipment Receipt Record Sheet", and then collect the required safety protective equipment.

Strict use management. The user department shall inspect, maintain and maintain all kinds of safety and protection articles belonging to it every month, and make records. The safety and environmental department shall regularly check the maintenance and maintenance records of the safety and protection articles of each department. Attachment: A list of usage, maintenance, maintenance parameters and time of various safety protection articles (including personal protection).

Strictly dispose of. The user department shall, during monthly inspection and maintenance, discover that the safety protection equipment is damaged, the internal medium is under-pressured or overdue, expired, and cannot be used after use, and shall actively report to the safety and environmental department for a stop. After receiving the application,Protective gear the Department of Safety and Environment strictly inspected the reported items and found that they were genuinely given replacement or supplementary media for maintenance. The Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection shall unify the safety protection articles that cannot be used and destroy them uniformly.

something else. The personal safety protection articles for foreign internships and training personnel shall be provided by the Ministry of Safety and Environment;Protective gear any employee shall not sell or sell the safety protection articles issued by the company in disguised form, otherwise,Protective gear in addition to double the fine according to the value of the articles, labor disciplinary action shall be taken according to the severity of the circumstances.

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