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Protective Gear Take You To Understand The Safety Protection

In order to further standardize the use, distribution, management and disposal of safety protection products, strict control of all aspects of declaration, approval,Protective gear purchase, distribution and use,Protective gear a safety protection product management system was specially formulated. The safety protection equipment management system mainly includes the introduction of strict approval of safety protection equipment procurement procedures, strict quality comparison purchases, strict warehousing, distribution, exchange procedures, Protective gearstrict use management and strict disposal.

The safety and environmental department is responsible for the formulation and approval of various safety protection equipment procurement plans. All departments and workshops are reported to the safety and environmental department for review and summary according to actual needs. ; If it is really necessary to purchase due to special circumstances, the person in charge of the department shall report to the production plant manager and the main leader of the company for approval after purchase.

Strict price comparison

 The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of safety protection products. According to the safety protection equipment plan reported by the Safety and Environmental Department,Protective gear the Purchasing Department purchases safety protection products from manufacturers with corresponding qualifications according to the company ’s relevant regulations, and must ensure that the purchased High quality and low price.

 Safety protection products need to be produced by regular manufacturers, and manufacturers need complete double certificates (safety production licenses and industrial product production licenses). The products must meet the QS certification license, LA safety mark certification,Protective gear and 3C certified qualified products. The purchased manufacturer's qualification and supplier's qualification must provide a copy to be retained by the Department of Safety and Environment.

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