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Comprehensive Interpretation Of Medical GOGGLES

Medical goggles, also known as medical isolation goggles,GOGGLES are necessary protective equipment against new crown virus, especially clinicians GOGGLES and nurses who directly face patients with new crown pneumonia. In areas with severe epidemics, ordinary citizens also need to wear medical goggles to block the invasion of the new coronavirus through the eye membrane to the human body when taking buses, trains, planes and going to crowded areas.

There is increasing evidence that the new coronavirus can spread in close contact with people. It has been reported that more than 1,700 medical personnel have been infected, including 6 deaths,GOGGLES  including an ophthalmologist. One of the infected medical staff was a member of the expert group who went to Wuhan, and he reviewed his morbidity. Although he was wearing protective clothing and N95 masks, he was still infected by the virus. His first manifestation was monocular conjunctivitis, and he developed fever several hours later. Since then, China has urgently required medical personnel to provide eye protection when in close contact with patients.

The route of transmission of the new coronavirus is not completely clear, but it is believed that it is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract. Current evidence indicates that the virus can be transmitted from person to person, and the ability to spread may be strong. The World Health Organization provides guidance on personal protective equipment for the prevention and control of persons suspected of being infected with new coronavirus. Eye protection tools-medical goggles, or face protection tools-masks should be worn, GOGGLES and medical personnel are advised not to touch any mucosal tissue (eyes, nose, or mouth). Infected people should take timely isolation measures to avoid unnecessary direct contact.

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